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Care for God’s Creation

Message with Action Alert on Water:  Add a Layer of Protection to Wisconsin’s Drinking Water


Impacts of Climate Change in Wisconsin – an interview with Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier:  VIDEO


COP25 – Pastor Cindy attended COP25!   Here is her Press Release.

Resources written by members of various faith groups (including the ELCA) under the leadership of Texas Impact:   COP25 Resource for Churches

Videos of some of the panel discussions at COP25:

Human Rights and Climate Change

Loss and Damages Part 1       Loss and Damages Part 2

Inspiring Courage to Act and Adapt in a Climate Emergency



Wisconsin Water Resource Guide

Video Presentation on the State of Water and proposed state budget led by Director Rev. Cindy Crane and Faith and Vocation Fellow Sarah Schultz at People of Faith United for Justice Advocacy Day 2019.


Portico Benefits Services for the ELCA  “determined that members prefer environment screening along with positive investments in renewable/clean energy, energy efficiency, etc. through our existing social purpose funds over fossil fuel-free fund.” Rev. Nick Utphall, member of the South-Central Synod Care for God’s Creation Team, helped with these efforts with Lutherans Restoring Creation. Thank you, Pastor Nick and LRC! Below is an update. Read more: https://porticobenefits.org/NewsEvents/News/2019_09_15_ChurchwideAssemblyCallsPorticoToAction



Dane County Public Works – Sustainability and Renewable Energy Projects  from LOPPW’sWhat’s Working in Wisconsin: Public and Private Uses of Renewable Energy. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi was the keynote speaker.  Unfortunately, the sound for his presentation did not videotape well.  However,  Dane County Executive Parisi speaks about many of the same Dane County accomplishments as he did at our conference in this video:

Videos from What’s Working in Wisconsin on October 6, 2018:

Abby Attoun, City of Middleton
Rajan Shulka, City of Madison
Heather Allen, RENEW Wisconsin
Pastor Nick Utphall, Advent Lutheran Church in Madison
Andy Weiland, Oregon School District
Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier, Moderator 

How can what is working in some of our churches, school districts, cities, and counties be duplicated?  Talk to your local leaders about it.  You can make a difference!


I’m interested in solar energy.  Where do I begin?  If you are interested in solar for your home, church, other nonprofit, business, or home, check out the assistance Renew Wisconsin can direct you to!

NEW RESOURCE! SCSW Steps to Caring for God’s Creation

2017 Care of Creation Flyer


Climate change could push more than 100 million people into poverty in just the next 15 years.  “Climate change hits the poorest the hardest,” says World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, “and our challenge now is to protect tens of millions of people from falling into extreme poverty because of a changing climate.”  From ELCA World Hunger.

Resource for Congregations from LOPPW and the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin Care for God’s Creation Team: LOPPW & SCSW Resource


From ELCA World Hunger: Climate Change 101,  Poverty_And_Hunger_In_A_Changing_Climate,  Agriculture_And_Food_Security_In_A_Changing_ClimateHunger and Climate Change,

LOPPW/South-Central Synod of Wisconsin PowerPoint Presentation  CGC

LOPPW is part of a new Wisconsin Climate Table and is also a member of RE-AMP

ELCA Social Statement on Caring for God’s Creation

ELCA Advocacy Resources – At the bottom click on to Environment & Energy Policy

Additional Resources:  Lutherans Restoring Creation, Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light

Info on AB 1 6 paragraphs foxconn

Statement on AB 1 for Public Hearing on August 3, 2017  AB 1