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Wednesday Noon Live, Other Broadcasts & Updates

Wednesday Noon Live Plus Other Broadcasts

Wednesday Noon Live (WNL) is a monthly live video broadcasts that highlights a key issue or priority area here in the state of Wisconsin. Catch Wednesday Noon Live on Facebook at 12:00pm on the first Wednesday of each month!  For our weekly reflections in the form of Monday Quotes click here.

April 2024 Updates

March 2024 Updates  Wednesday Noon Live – Fair Wisconsin Maps with Jay Heck!

February 2024 Updates.   Wednesday Noon Live – Updates from our Advocacy Day on DACA bills

December 2023 Updates   Wednesday Noon Live – A very Special Wednesday Noon Live with COP28 participants speaking frankly about what’s working and not working at COP. Please take time to listen to their honest, faithful voices to explore these questions: What is challenging to hear at COP28? What do faith leaders have to say? Where can we find hope? What role are local communities playing to keep the Paris Agreement regardless of what nations are and are not doing?

November 2023 Updates   Wednesday Noon Live – Interview on Raise the Age with Emily Coddington, who is part of our Raise the Age Coalition. Emily is the Associate Director of the Wisconsin Association of Family & Children’s Agencies.

October 2023 Updates  Wednesday Noon Live – Interview with Christine Moffett, ELCA Director for Environment and Energy Policy. Christine discusses climate, water, and federal efforts, and what gives her hope as a young adult.

September 2023 Update  Wednesday Noon Live – Interview with Co-Executive Directors Kirsten Shead and Brenda Coley of the Milwaukee Water Commons offer great insight related to the following: • the state of water quality in Milwaukee and other parts of Wisconsin • the meaning of environmental justice • the intersection of climate change and water

July:August 2023 Updates

June 2023 Updates

Special Update May 17, 2023

May 2023 Updates

April 2023 Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest Interview with Faith in Place staff, Alexander Malchow, Wisconsin Policy Coordinator, and Jonathan “Cosmic” Jackson, Wisconsin Outreach Coordinator.  April 2023 Updates

March 2023 Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest Interview Julia Weibe, ELCA member and Bilingual FoodShare Outreach Specialist at Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin.  March 2023 Updates

February 2023 Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest John Johnson. February 2023 Updates

January 2023 Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest Vicar Kelsey Johnson January 2023 Updates

December Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest Seminarian Rachel Wyffels    December 2022 Updates

November Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest Rep. Kathy Bernier   November 2022 Updates

 October 2022 Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest Rev. Jonathan Barker    October 2022 Updates

September 2022 Wednesday Noon Live      September 2022 Updates

June 2022 Updates

ELCA Bishops Respond to Supreme Court Leaked News on Abortion

An American Epidemic May 26, 2022 statement on shooting in Texas

May 2022 Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest: Rev. Lanny Westphal to talk about his sister currently living in Ukraine and how Lutherans are responding to the devastating impacts of the war imposed by Russian.  PDF – May 2022 Updates

PDF Earth Day Celebrations and Resources

April 2022 Wednesday Noon Live – Special Guest: Wisconsin Secretary of State Doug La Follette.  How some leaders tried to overthrow the 2020 election results in Wisconsin. What is at stake in the Secretary of State’s position?  PDF – April 2022 Updates

March 2022 Wednesday Noon Live:  Pastor Peter Jonas shares his experience working with other clergy and lay leaders advocating against Trempealeau County becoming a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary (Gun Sanctuary).  Several of the advocates experienced push back.  Hear what happened to the county proposal.  Rev. Jeff Wild discusses his work blacksmithing and peacemaking.  Can transforming guns into garden tools transform our hearts? PDF – March 2022 Updates

February 2022 Wednesday Noon Live:  Special Guests: Hunger Leaders Deb Martin of All Saints Lutheran Church in Oshkosh, part of the East Central Synod, and Cindy Dobberke, member of Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Mukwonago, part of the Great Milwaukee Synod. Also hear our legislative updates.  PDF – February-2022-Updates

January 2022 Wednesday Noon Live:  Special Guest is Giovana Oaxaca, ELCA Program Director, Migration Policies, gives an overview of 2021 in relation to immigration and refugees, beginning with comments about the insurrection Jan. 6, 2021.  What can we advocate for in 2022?  PDF – January 2022 Updates

November 2021 Wednesday Noon Live: Special presentation on COP26 and its significance for God’s creation.  November 2021 Updates

October 2021: Wednesday Noon Live with a special interview with John Johnson, ELCA Program Director for Domestic Policy.  For our written update:  LOPPW October 2021 Updates

September 2020: Wednesday Noon Live with a special interview with Vance Blackfox, the new ELCA Desk Director for American Indian Alaska Native Tribal Nations.  For our written update:  September 2021 Update PDF

August 2021: LOPPW August Updates 2021

Child Tax Credit – Making a difference now and for the future


Note: LOPPW will take a break from Wednesday Noon Live for the summer. Please catch WNL this fall on Facebook!

PDF:  LOPPW July 2021 Update

PDF:  LOPPW June 2021 Updates

May 2021:  Wednesday Noon Life: Audio/Visual Video.      PDF May Audio:Visual Newsletter

April 2021: Wednesday Noon Live: Audio/Visual Video      PDF Wednesday Noon Live April 2021

March 2021:  Wednesday Noon Live: Audio/Visual Video   Separate interview with Attorney Ruth Ivory Moore    PDF March 2021 Newsletter

Our special guest was Ruth Ivory-Moore, ELCA Director of Environmental and Corporate Responsibility.  Join us on FB

February 2021:  Wednesday Noon Live: Audio/Visual Newsletter – 02/03/2021 Video      PDF LOPPW Newsletter Feb 2021

Join us to learn about what’s next for masks and vaccinations in Wisconsin, and other updates plus a special interview with Rev. Jonathan Barker of Grace Lutheran Church in Kenosha. Learn about his recent fasting and upcoming 21-day fast for climate justice!

December 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live: Audio/Visual Newsletter –  12/09/2020 Video      Separate interview with Braver Angels Julie Boler            PDF LOPPW Newsletter Dec. 2020

November 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live: Audio/Visual/Written Newsletter – 11/2020 Video    Podcast   With special guest Peggy Weber, RN, MSN – COVID, the Elections, and now the Holidays:  How do we cope?

Join us for updates and a special interview with Peggy Weber, RN, MSN – COVID, Elections, and now the Holidays:  How are we to cope?  Peggy worked as a nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison for 50 years in areas including psychiatry and palliative care.  She also has a background as a parish nurse in Catholic churches.  Peggy is currently on St. Mary’s Ethics Board and uses her nursing gifts to continue serving her community.  During COVID, she has offered guidance on non-death loss.

October 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live:  Audio/Visual/Written Newsletter – 10/2020:  VideoPDF version Oct 2020  With special guest Reid Magney of the Wisconsin Elections Commission

Special Election Broadcast: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 from 4:00 – 5:00 pm CST. With the U.S. presidential election fast approaching, ELCA Advocacy and the Racial Justice Advocacy Network of Women of the ELCA invite you to join an informational webinar about voting. The webinar will cover early voting and mail-in voting. Presenters will also share information about the ELCAVotes campaign and how you can get involved. You will get a look at the Nov. 3 presidential election from a national and local perspective. Please join the event by clicking this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/…/reg…/WN_NXRp7ykjR9Gz4NiMPw_AlA

Those of you who have expressed interest will need to click the link and sign up.

Presenters will include:
Jennifer DeLeon, director for justice, Women of the ELCA
The Rev. Amy Reumann, director, ELCA Advocacy
Regina Q. Banks, J.D., director, Lutheran Office of Public Policy—California
The Rev. Cindy Crane, director, Lutheran Office of Public Policy in Wisconsin
Taina Diaz-Reyes, hunger advocacy fellow, ELCA Advocacy

September 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live September 2020We gained valuable insights about our neighbors in detention during the pandemic and concrete information on what we can do. Join us with our special guests:

  • Attorney Mary Campbell is the program director for ELCA’s AMMPARO, which means in Spanish the protection of a living creature from suffering or damage. The acronym – Accompanying Migrant Minors with Protection, Advocacy, Representation and Opportunities   Mary.Campbell@elca.org
  • Ms. Marisol Fuentes de Dubon is part of the Greater Milwaukee Immigration Task Force. She administers the Detained Migrant Project, which is a joint effort between Emmaus ELCA and the Racine Interfaith Coalition, funded with generous support from AMMPARO. fdmarisol@gmail.com
  • Dr. Stephanie Mitchell is a Professor of Latin American History at Carthage College, is a member of Emmaus Lutheran Church, which many people know from when one of our own student pastors, Minister Betty Rendon was deported, And Dr. smitchell@carthage.edu   

August 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live August 2020 with a focus on the new Mask Mandate, featuring Reverend Blake Rohrer with a response as a citizen and Christian to the the state mandate on masks. Green Bay Alderwoman Barbara Dorff responding to the threats to the City Council after their local mandate and her hopes for the future; Mr. William Mattson of LOPPW’s council and Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rhinelander responding to issues he sees locally and the mandate.

July 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live July 2020 featuring Intern Evan Sadlon and Climate Change Video             July 2020 PDF Supplemental

Additional Special Interview on Caring for God’s Creation (outside of Wed. Noon Live):  Talking about Climate Change during the Pandemic    Interview with Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier

June WNL Broadcast – June 3, 2020, Noon: Wednesday Noon Live with updates and special interview with ELCA Program Director of Domestic Policy John Johnson, Washington, D.C.

Additional Special Interview Addressing Hunger (outside of Wed. Noon Live):  Food Truck Ministry:  Filling a hole during the pandemic – interview with Rev. Lindsey Buekelman of All People’s Lutheran Church in Milwaukee

Additional Special Interview Addressing Policing (outside of Wed. Noon Live):  Policing & the Use of Force with former Madison Police Chief and Police Officer in Minneapolis, now an Episcopal priest, Father David Couper.

Additional Special Interview Addressing Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse, and Sex Trafficking (outside of Wed. Noon Live):  The Pandemic and Living on the Edges of Safety: Interview with Sue Sippel of the Family Center in Wisconsin Rapids talking about domestic abuse; Jan Miyasaki of Project Respect in Madison talking about sex trafficking; Sharyl Kato of the Rainbow Project in Madison talking about child abuse

Additional Event Addressing a New Social Statement (outside of Wed. Noon Live):  “Government and Civic Engagement: Discipleship in a Democracy” moderated by Rev. Dr. Roger Willer.  Zoom Recording of Social Message Draft Discussion

Additional Special Interview Addressing Hunger (outside of Wed. Noon Live:  Great tips and wisdom from Sharry Hebert, Food Pantry Coordinator, Trinity Lutheran Church in Eau Claire.  Watch this video:  How to Start a Food Pantry:

Additional Special Interview on Caring for God’s Creation (outside of Wed. Noon Live):  Our environment since the pandemic and what is possible next: Dr. Erin Zimmerman, Climate Reality Leader, packs a lot of engaging information with a sense of hope into a five-minute presentation, followed by answers to some great questions.

May 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live Full Program   Interview OnlyPodcast   focus is on Safer at Home and a Wisconsin Nurse’s Journey with COVID-19 WNL May 2020 Supplement

Hear from Nurse Elizabeth “Buffy” Riley, who went from Memorial Hospital in Cumberland, WI to help at the epicenter of the coronavirus in New York City, and from Up North News Journalist Julian Emerson, who followed Buffy’s story (below is one of his articles). Buffy has been struggling with her health after contracting the coronavirus while working in New York, and will join us at noon on May 5 only if she is feeling well. Julian has permission to share her story if she is not up for an interview. Please keep Buffy in your prayers.

April 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live April 2020 via Facebook  focus is on the Coronavirus and Racism Wednesday Noon Live April 2020 via Podcast

Additional video:  Sudden Surge of Pastors Online!


March’s focus is on Immigration!

Wednesday Noon Live March 2020 via Facebook: Attorney Molly Dobberke Riehle discussed her work at a detention center in Texas and her work with domestic abuse through Centrol Legal, where she serves as the executive director.  Wednesday Noon Live Co-host and Advisory Council Member Andy Twiton also shared his experiences at the border.  Both Molly and Andy made their journeys via ELCA programs and have significant stories to tell.

Wednesday Noon Live March 2020 via Podcast

WNL Program Plus


February 2021:  Wednesday Noon Live February 2020 via Facebook  focus is on water!  Wednesday Noon Live February 2020 via Podcast

We created a video of our interview with Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier from our most recent Wednesday Noon Live. Please feel free to use in your congregations and other communities and share on social media:

January 2020:  Wednesday Noon Live January 8, 2020   Featuring Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier on Climate Change and Natural Disasters Podcast       20-minute interview with Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier – VIDEO         20-minute interview with Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier – Podcast

December 2019:  Wednesday Noon Live December 4, 2019         Podcast

Featuring Attorney Rachel Monaco-Wilcox on anti-sex trafficking and Safe Harbor legislation

Plus the Shocked Intern, Amelia Gonzales  

November 2019:  Wednesday Noon Live November 6, 2019                   Podcast

First Wednesday Noon Live in October 2019  Featuring Trinidad Ariztia, ELCA Program Director for Development and Migration Policy on What is happening with public policies on immigration and refugees