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Bishops’ Farm Bill Letter for Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (9/19/2018):



Senator Ron Johnson

District 1  Rep. Paul Ryan                                                                   

District 2  Rep. Mark Pocan                                                               

District 3  Rep. Ron Kind                                                                     

District 4  Rep. Gwen Moore                                                               

District 5  Rep. Sesenbrenner                                                             

District 6  Rep. Glenn Grothman                                                       

District 7  Rep. Sean Duffy                                                                   

District 8  Rep. Mike Gallagher     


Senator Debbie Stabenow                                                                   

Senator Gary Peters

District 1  Rep Jack Bergman


ELCA Study Guide: Farm Bill Brings Lutherans Together

Update on Farm Bill (July 16, 2018)

We support the senate version of the bill and not the House version.  We hope for continued bipartisan efforts that the senate demonstrated to ensure a healthy farm bill that will continue to help struggling people to get enough food.

Some talking points (thank you to Feeding Wisconsin for most of these points):

·       SNAP helps people struggling to get enough food; people working hard to make ends meet

·       Keep SNAP effective and efficient; keep SNAP working

·       SNAP helps seniors, children and veterans

·       Any fraud is unacceptable and there are already aggressive and high-tech efforts to root out fraud at the federal and state levels.  The small changes made in the senate version of the bill are fine.

·       There are already strict work requirements in SNAP and the new work requirements place arbitrary time-limits that make it harder for people to search for work

·       SNAP is a vital program that helps people in America get enough to eat

Note:  We need to see who is appointed to the conference committee to help inform what aspects of the two versions of the bill to create an advocacy plan around.  I’m out of pocket but trying to pay attention.  I think it is safe to say, “we support the senate bill over the house version and will work to ensure that the Senate bill is as strong a bill for vulnerable communities.”

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