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Anti-Human Trafficking

Anti-Human Trafficking

Letter sent to all 33 Wisconsin State Senators on November 1, 2021

SB 245 Safe Harbor

Resources and Presentations on Human Trafficking in Wisconsin

The Unspoken Truth: Sex Trafficking in Rural America:  Excellent op-ed written by Nicole Bezella, member of Our Saviors’ Lutheran Church in Appleton, Wisconsin and University of Minnesota Student – Sex Trafficking in Rural America

June 3, 2020 webinar presenters for The Pandemic and Living on the Margins of Safety

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Myth Busters by Karen Huser:  “Last fall Deacon Steve Przedpelski, executive director of the Franciscan Peacemakers, shared experiences from his outreach ministry of 25 years to members of Stop Trafficking in Lake Country (STTLC). He along with other advocates and experts who work with survivors, dispel ten common myths related to trafficking based on concrete examples and stories from the street.  Myth Busters – Final

Wednesday Noon Live December 4, 2019 Featuring Attorney Rachel Monaco-Wilcox on anti-sex trafficking and Safe Harbor legislation

Human Trafficking – What does the church have to say?  A new resource for Congregations to use with Youth and Adults 2016-loppw-study-on-human-trafficking   Resources to regional, statewide, and national are included in this resource.

Updates on Safe Harbor Legislation

Safe Harbor Hearing and Info

AB 41/SB 49 Safe Harbor Bill   Talking Points Rep Billings

AB 41:  Under this bill, a person who is under the age of 18 may not be prosecuted for committing an act of prostitution. This is a change from current law, under which a person who is under the age of 18 may be prosecuted for committing an act of prostitution, a Class A misdemeanor. This bill also eliminates the option under current law in cases where a person under the age of 18 has committed an act of prostitution for a court to enter a consent decree under the Juvenile Justice Code, or a deferred prosecution agreement under the Juvenile Justice Code or adult criminal statutes, if the court determines that a consent decree or deferred prosecution agreement will serve the best interests of the person being prosecuted and will not harm society.

Talking Points and Info on Safe Harbor – AB 41

AB 22:  Under this bill, commercial motor vehicle driver education courses offered by technical colleges or licensed private driver schools must provide instruction in the recognition and prevention of human trafficking.


POSTER WITH TOLL FREE NUMBER TO REPORT HUMAN TRAFFICKING AVAILABLE AT THE DOJ.  Go to  the DOJ website   Scroll down to Poster Size English Spanish.

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