A Ministry of the ELCA - Supported by World Hunger

About Us

Who We Are

In faithful response to God’s love, the Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin engages people of faith in the ministry of advocacy for policies that support peace, justice and care for all of God’s creation.

The Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin (LOPPW) is an advocacy ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and is part of the Service and Justice unit. LOPPW’s ministry is expressed through a partnership of the World Hunger Program and the six ELCA synods with congregations in Wisconsin. LOPPW represents the coordinated witness of the ELCA on issues of public policy advocacy in the state of Wisconsin.

We bring an ELCA presence on statewide legislative issues that are related to LOPPW’s five priorities. In addition to being a public witness on behalf of the ELCA, we help to educate and network ELCA members across the state. LOPPW also works in conjunction with other faith-based and secular advocacy groups in order to maximize impact within our policy priorities.

LOPPW recognizes the diversity of personal opinions held by Lutherans in Wisconsin. Extensive research, a sound Lutheran theological foundation, and careful study all guides the development of advocacy positions so they may be accurately and sensitively interpreted to the Lutheran constituency and society at large.