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Resources, Reflections & Tools

Resources, Reflections, & Tools

The Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin works to provide the tools, resources, and information to be an active advocate in your community. We also seek to provide the theological reflection and grounding to help you along you faith-based advocacy journey. We do this in the following ways:

Advocacy Resources

Visit the Advocacy Resources tab under this banner to get up-to-date resources, guides, and instructions for how to advocate at the local, state, and national levels.

Monday Quotes & Blog Posts

LOPPW uses the Lutheran lectionary to give weekly reflections on Biblical texts that are grounded in our advocacy work. See the Monday Quotes & Blog Posts tab to see past reflections. To receive future Monday Quotes and blog posts, sign up for our email list.  Subscribe Here!

Advocacy Priorities

LOPPW has five Advocacy Priorities that are decided by our Advisory Council and align with our mission statement. Our priorities are:

  1. Calling for an End to Childhood Hunger
  2. Addressing the Crisis of Human Trafficking
  3. Caring for God’s Creation
  4. Supporting Immigration Reform
  5. Youth Justice Reform

Find more information on each of these priorities under the Resources, Reflections & Tools tab.

ELCA Statements

LOPPW is rooted in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and our advocacy priorities are guided and dictated by the ELCA’s Social Statements, Social Messages, and other statements. Learn more about these statements under the ELCA Statements tab or by going to the Advocacy as an ELCA Ministry page.

Voting & Civic Engagement

LOPPW and the ELCA strongly believes in protecting expanding access to the ballot box and helping all eligible voters cast their ballot. ELCAvotes is a project of the ELCA to help educate and assist people vote. For Wisconsin voting resources, visit the Voting & Civic Engagement tab.

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