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Economic Justice

LOPPW is part of a coalition that supports the alternative 2017-19 Wisconsin State Budget written by economists from the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families:  A Wisconsin Budget for All

NEW LOPPW RESOURCE:  Money & Politics   The Gradual Distortion of American Politics and its Impact on Poverty – What does the church have to say?  2016 Money & Politics

Summary of the longer Money & Politics    2016 Money and politics summary (2)

ELCA STATEMENTS:  ELCA Social Statement on Economic Life,

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Campaign Finance Social Statement

New book now available! “The Forgotten Luther: Reclaiming the Social-Economic Dimension of the Reformation” – order by contacting from Lutheran University Press: www.lutheranUpress.org

 Forgotten Luther

Jon Peacock and Tamarine Cornelius of the Wisconsin Budget Project, an initiative of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, developed an alternative budget that would have allowed us to save and improve our valued Safety Net Programs and keep funding in our schools.  LOPPW is part of Better Choices, a group of nonprofit leaders made this alternative 2015/16 budget known:  Better-Choices-for-the-Wisconsin-Budget