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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) RESOURCES & NEWS

Faithful Action Press Release

ELCA Bishops Call for Statewide Protections during the Pandemic – Press Release and Letter to Legislators.

Advocating Locally  – Please check out LOPPW’s new resource for advocating on a county level.  This can also be used as a guide for advocating with municipalities.   This is a vital time to lift our voices locally as we continue our statewide efforts!

Faith Leaders COVID Pledge (WI Council of Churches & WI Faith Voices for Justice)

Important Notes from a Meeting Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes held with Faith Leaders to update us with information and call for our assistance in addressing COVID:  Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes’ Faith Call on October 1

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes’ Faith Call

Press Conference with an Update from our Governor and medical experts on October 1, 2020

Governor Evers, Secretary-designee Palm Issue Order to Expand Healthcare Workforce – Please note that many healthcare workers have contracted COVID and are in quarantine, leading to a shortage of healthcare workers.

Conservative Legal Group’s Lawsuit Could Undo Mask Mandate

Governor Ever’s Executive Order to extend the mask mandate until November 21, 2020

Wednesday Noon Live August 5, 2020 –  Reverend Blake Rohrer with a response as a citizen and Christian to the state mandate on masks. Green Bay Alderwoman Barbara Dorff responding to the threats to the City Council after their local mandate and her hopes for the future; Mr. William Mattson of LOPPW’s council and Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rhinelander responding to issues he sees locally and the mandate. Plus more updates.

Governor Ever’s Executive Order on Face Coverings

Letter to the Editor by Rev. Blake Rohrer, Midvale Lutheran Church, Madison

Scott Fitzgerald, referring to his effort to rescind Wisconsin’s mask requirement, says, “There are bigger issues at play here.” Yes, Senator Fitzgerald, there are bigger issues at play. The biggest issue is the lives of Wisconsinites. Masks reduce spreading Covid-19, which has infected and killed more people in the U.S. than anywhere. Republicans are pandering to an idolatrous liberty that goes against true freedom. As a Christian, I understand that in Christ I have been freed, not to do whatever I want, but freed from worry about myself, so that I can serve my neighbor. Efforts to reduce mask wearing in public are nonsensical in every way – in regards to science, to Christian teaching, to simple neighborliness, and even to self-interest. The Wisconsin Grocers Association also speaks against a common state standard for mask wearing. Grocery workers are some of the most patriotic and selfless people, providing essential services despite the risks. It is despairing that their association and its president, Brandon Scholz, have no regard for these frontline workers. For the good of our state, our economy, our families and our neighbors, wear a mask. It is the most patriotic and truest expression of freedom you can offer.

Letter from the Wisconsin Council of Churches to the Speakers

Bishop Paul Erickson’s Letter asking the Governor to Release Prisoners:  Letter to Gov. Evers 6-15-20 (1)

Six Bishops respond to the WI Supreme Court’s Ruling on DHS Safer at Home Order:  Six-Bishops-Pastoral-Message-on-WI-Supreme-Court-Ruling

Thank you to the six bishops who signed on to LOPPW’s letter to the Supreme Court as part of an amicus to support Governor Evers’ extension of Safer at Home.  Also thank you to Rabbi Bonnie Margulis of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice for helping to organize letter-writing from clergy in collaboration with Attorney Stephen Kravit.  Please feel free to use this to consider writing a letter to the editor.   Letter to WI Supreme Court

On April 27, 2020. Governor Evers announced the issuance of Emergency Order #34, reducing restrictions on certain businesses during Safer at Home. Order #34

Governor Tony Evers’ and Safer at Home

Extension of Safer at Home from April 24, to 8 am – Tuesday, May 26 Press Release

April 16, 2020  Emergency Order #28

LOPPW’s Message with further explanations sent on April 16, 2020: Safer at Home, Resources

Religious Gatherings GOVERNOR FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 9, 2020

March 24, 2020 –  Governor Evers Press Release

Governor Tony Evers’ Safer-at-Home Order – Here is an article – March 24, 2020

ELCA Resources & Other Lutheran Resources


Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

Wisconsin Resources

o   Wisconsin Council of Churches –Returning to Church – Ministry during the COVID-19 Outbreak – Updated Version


Thank you to Rev. Marcus Allen from Mt. Zion Baptist Church, and head of the African American Council of Churches, for sharing the following resources after his mother began struggled with COVID-19 and his sister tested positive:

o   What to do if someone in their home is sick from COVID-19. 

o   What to do if someone is awaiting test results.

o   What to do if you’ve had close contact with some who has COVID-19.

o   What to do if you’re sick: CDC website.

o   Free tool for COVID-19 screening for Wisconsin residents.  If needed a Registered Nurse trained to assess and triage immediate COVID 19 screening results and health concerns will contact the person who filled out the form directly.

In addition keep up with what is happening with the Coronavirus via the Department of Health Services (DHS):  dhs.wisconsin.gov

Find a FREE CLINIC in Wisconsin  DHS website: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/forwardhealth/clinics.htm

Find a food pantry in Wisconsin or anywhere in the United States: https://www.foodpantries.org/

Paid Sick Leave ib_fmla_msk_2020_03_27

Emergency Order #15  Temporary Ban on Evictions and Foreclosures  EO 15 Ban on Evictions and Foreclosures PDF

The Legislative Council released an Issue Brief titled Paid Sick Leave and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Related to COVID-19. President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act on March 18.  The Act goes into effect on April 1 and is effective through December 31, 2020.  The Act:

  • Provides for up to 80 hours of paid sick leave for an employee affected by the public health emergency.
  • Part-time employees may use the number of hours the employee works, on average, over a two-week work period.
  • If an employee is unable to work or telework, they may first use the paid sick leave provided in the act, before using other paid leave provided by an employer.
  • Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, an eligible employee may take up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave for certain qualifying reasons.  The new Act adds lack of child care to the list of qualifying reasons for using emergency FMLA leave. The first two weeks are unpaid leave, followed by up to 10 weeks of paid leave.
  • The paid sick leave and emergency FMLA requirements apply to all private employers with fewer than 500 employees, to all state and local public employees, and to certain federal employers.
  • The emergency FMLA is available to an employee who has been employer for at least 30 days. The paid sick leave is available to an employee regardless of how long they employee has been employed.
  • The U.S. Dept. of Labor may exclude employees who are health care providers or emergency responders. They may also exempt employers with fewer than 50 employees from providing the paid sick leave, or the emergency FMLA, for a lack of child care, if the requirements would jeopardize the viability of the business.