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Emergency Order #15  Temporary Ban on Evictions and Foreclosures  EO 15 Ban on Evictions and Foreclosures PDF

The Legislative Council released an Issue Brief titled Paid Sick Leave and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Related to COVID-19. President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act on March 18.  The Act goes into effect on April 1 and is effective through December 31, 2020.  The Act:

  • Provides for up to 80 hours of paid sick leave for an employee affected by the public health emergency.
  • Part-time employees may use the number of hours the employee works, on average, over a two-week work period.
  • If an employee is unable to work or telework, they may first use the paid sick leave provided in the act, before using other paid leave provided by an employer.
  • Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, an eligible employee may take up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave for certain qualifying reasons.  The new Act adds lack of child care to the list of qualifying reasons for using emergency FMLA leave. The first two weeks are unpaid leave, followed by up to 10 weeks of paid leave.
  • The paid sick leave and emergency FMLA requirements apply to all private employers with fewer than 500 employees, to all state and local public employees, and to certain federal employers.
  • The emergency FMLA is available to an employee who has been employer for at least 30 days. The paid sick leave is available to an employee regardless of how long they employee has been employed.
  • The U.S. Dept. of Labor may exclude employees who are health care providers or emergency responders. They may also exempt employers with fewer than 50 employees from providing the paid sick leave, or the emergency FMLA, for a lack of child care, if the requirements would jeopardize the viability of the business.


Governor Evers Press Release

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