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Our Water by Eleanor Siebert

Written by LOPPW | 01/18/2018

I am assuming that most of us remember the shocking stories of lead contamination in the drinking water of Flint Michigan.  Eight thousand plus children under the age of six with elevated levels of lead at this critical stage in their developing bodies were detected in this area of this state.

Are you aware that Wisconsin has its own lead contamination problem?  Milwaukee has extremely high levels in the water supply.  I found a tiny map in an online article showing spots in Wisconsin with severely lead contaminated water supplies.  Several were just a bit lower than Milwaukee’s and there were many others with unsafe levels. Most of these were not in large cities.

Lead is only one serious contaminate in our water supplies. While I was living in far northwestern Iowa in the late seventies, we became curious about the safety of this small town’s water supply.  We sent in a sample for testing from our home faucet.  The results showed contamination of the water by the chemicals that were related to herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides that were used in the production of crops in this great agricultural area.

It is important, especially if your family includes children, to know that your water supply is safe.  You are able to find this information if you live in a water district.  They are required to test regularly and will provide this information upon request.  If you have a private well you will need to do the testing yourself. It is worth the time, effort and cost to know what you are ingesting.  Happy drinking!!

Eleanor Siebert is a retired registered nurse and Chair of the South-Central Synod/LOPPW Care for God’s Creation Team

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