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Convening a Constitutional Convention – Who and What would be at Risk?

Written by LOPPW | 06/05/2017

Written by Rev. Matthew Schlake-Kruse, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Earlier this year, I attended a play whose premise surmised that since everything partisan and political seemed destined toward either gridlock or stalemate, a constitutional convention to start over from scratch in a new effort toward democracy was the proposed solution.  At first, […]

Human Trafficking by Deb Martin

Written by LOPPW | 06/05/2017

Human Trafficking by LOPPW Council Member Deb Martin, Oshkosh LOPPW has made anti-sex trafficking one of our legislative priorities since 2014.  The U.S. Department of Justice describes trafficking as the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision or obtaining of a person for labor or other services through the use of force, fraud or coercion, for the purpose […]

What does your conscience tell you?  What does the church have to say?

Written by LOPPW | 02/09/2017

Recently a state senator asked me if I was flying solo or representing the teachings of the ELCA when I talked to him about the problem of climate change.  He wanted to know because he was a member of the ELCA as well.  I got to explain that our church accepts the overwhelming data that […]

Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier on Climate Change in Wisconsin

Written by Webstix | 12/13/2016

Written by Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier I have been a television broadcast meteorologist for the past 38 years. Early in my career I became aware of a concern in the scientific community about a weather phenomenon called “global warming.”  As my career progressed, I noticed that climate researchers were becoming more and more alarmed as the […]

Advocacy – it’s all about people and creation, not political parties

Written by LOPPW | 06/24/2014

More than 420,000 members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America reside in Wisconsin and reflect a wide spectrum of political beliefs. How can we do advocacy work as a church body within our state when we have such diverse views? For that matter, how can we as a 4.2 million-member national church advocate for […]